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Matthew Scott

Embarking on a journey through BC Crothers’s “Be a Better Person” book was like stepping into a new realm of self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. From the very first chapter, ‘Priority One’, to its thought-provoking conclusion, this book guided me through a remarkable exploration of the human spirit and its capacity for growth and transformation.

Each chapter, focusing on different aspects of personal development—from nurturing gratitude to fostering better communication and embracing forgiveness—felt like a personal conversation with Crothers. Her ability to intertwine relatable anecdotes with profound spiritual insights transformed my reading experience into a reflective and deeply personal journey. The stories and lessons resonated deeply with me, turning theoretical concepts into very practical living experiences.

What struck me most about this book was its honest portrayal of the journey to self-improvement. Crothers does not shy away from the challenges and discomforts of personal growth. Instead, she addresses them directly, providing guidance through the uncertain terrains of self-doubt and insecurity. Her writing is infused with humility yet authoritative, making the path she lays out both challenging and reassuring.

The inclusion of Scriptural Readings added a significant dimension to my reading. These passages offered spiritual context to Crothers’s teachings and served as a source for meditation and deeper contemplation. They provided a grounding effect, connecting the practical advice to a broader, spiritual framework.

Reading "Be a Better Person" was a transformative experience for me. It went beyond acquiring knowledge; it involved a paradigm shift. The book served as a mirror, reflecting the areas in my life needing attention and care, and it became a compass, guiding me towards a more purposeful and spiritually aligned existence.

I wholeheartedly recommend “Be a Better Person” to anyone on a quest—not just for self-improvement—but for profound, holistic transformation. This book is not merely read. It is experienced and lived. It is an essential guide for anyone eager to embark on the rewarding journey of becoming their best self, infused with wisdom that only comes from deep introspection and a connection with the divine.

Sincerely, Matthew ScottATTICUS PUBLISHER
Bishop from Kenya Shares his Thoughts ON THE TREE OF LIFE SET

Charles Mwanda

BC Crothers has revealed what we would never have known, for she unearthed biblical secrets into what really happened during the 20s and 30s CE. This book offers readers an opportunity to experience the real action beneath the biblical stories. Her wordings tell my spirit that God is still using His own to tell us what we need to know. You will never regret how this knowledge deepens your spiritual life!

Charles MwandaBishop of Kenya
Pastor from New Zeland Shares his Review

Stephen Whitwell

Raw. Real. Rough. Ruddy—and utterly remarkable. These words go the distance in describing how BC Crothers transports us right into the story. The picture plainly and dramatically painted by the author transports us back to those infamous days as though we were there—not just in the story—but there in that day. Thorough research, clear story lines and great word associations have given us an insight into life at those times, and the characters we think we know reasonably well. I now have images imprinted in my mind about those people and places which will be there for some time. Don’t miss any opportunity to read this book! You’ll find it hard to put down. You’ll not forget it.

Stephen WhitwellNew Zealand’s Pastor, Author, and Speaker


Dear Friend in Christ:
The life of prayer is the foundation of the life of faith. How we pray shapes our believing. You are about to embark on a pilgrimage as you explore the life of faith and the life of prayer in the words that our Savior Christ taught us to pray. In the pages that follow, you will be offered interesting facts that begin to open up the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer in its own context. You are also invited to meditate on the meaning of this model prayer as it shapes your own life of faith.
The ministry of all baptized persons is supported by a thoughtful, prayerful, faithful life in Christ. This study is a call to a deeper walk with our Lord and Savior as you listen for His claim on your own life as a baptized member of His Body the Church. As you spend time with those life issues that confront us daily, you will be asked to reflect on questions that will guide you in your spiritual growth. There are not right or wrong answers. The reflections that you will do are opportunities for the Holy Spirit to speak within your spirit to call you into that deeper walk with Christ.
I commend this work to you. It is the fruit of the labor and pilgrimage of one member of Christ Body offered to each of us as a gift. I pray that God will use it and bless it for God’s glory in your life. May God bless and keep you in your study of this prayer that is the foundation of our life of prayer and our response in faith to Christ presented to us to call us into intimate union with God.

Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend John B. LipscombFourth Bishop of Southwest Florida