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Behind The Authorship

When 21 years old, I read for the first time the New Testament while on a private retreat in Germany. The Gospels were my first reading of the Jesus-ministry, and I both loved the story and felt confused by it, for there were questions. I thrive on facts, people and place names, dates, and answers to the ‘why’. However, the Gospels pay little attention to external trivia. They concentrate instead on the principal topic: Jesus’s teachings and how they can change our lives.


Being an author is not outstanding, or even unusual. We are all authors holding onto, or writing about, our personal stories. My story began when listening intently to what people shared. Their oft-told problems led me to take a three-year course sponsored by the School of Theology, University of the South. Bible-based, I learned how to unite Faith, knowledge, empathy, and struggling with my life problems to understand what those in pain, loss of direction, anger, unforgiveness, crippling secrets, and Seekers needed to hear or discuss; and needed help in deciding or in creating a plan. It was through Grace that people received the support they required.

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